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All right hey Newgrounds, I have not been very active like at all this year. 2020 has really sucked so far on the account of covid and life in general. But I digress, I just want to update those who might be curious about what I've been up to and what I have planned for 2021.

Animation and Cartoons:

Back in May I had an animation planned for the Pet Jam I asked a few Newgrounders to assist and well as you can see it never got finished. I had a few animator friends at the time to assist me and Well... Covid started to interfere with our lives. So they rightfully had to bail and the cartoon was put on indefinite hold. I want to clarify that no work will be left in vain I do plan on finishing the project but sometime in 2021. I have a cartoon idea working right now and I'm planning on dropping it sometime late January or early to mid February (hopefully). I'm still relatively new to short cartoons so I'm still figuring out which legs to stand on. I do plan to make a few cartoons next year so stay tuned in if you are interested in seeing them.


So the thing I'm actually confident with. I haven't been posting much on Newgrounds regarding around art lately. I've been more active on Instagram when it comes to posting mostly because of how quick and easy it is. Just make a quick post get some validation and move on, easy. Well come 2021 I'm gonna change that quite a bit. I want to be more active on here. So on Instagram I will be posting cropped versions of my art and posting the full pieces on Newgrounds. I've always liked Newgrounds as a platform and I want to utilize it more.


Hey we made it this far. I know most reading this if at all probably doesn't care about what I'm saying and that's okay. I'm just airing my thoughts out and saying words to try and concrete some ideas I've had. Thank you for making it this far and sticking around. I'm excited to share what I have in store for the coming year and I hope you all will enjoy it.

-Thank you,

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